Elisabeth Niggl, Munich based musician, is moving in a new musical direction.


Initially classically trained in recorder, flute, violoncello, as well as singing, she discovered the panflute at a film score concert with soloist Ulrich Herkenhoff; captivated by the sound of this archaic instrument, she decided to dedicate her musical focus to it.

As a panflutist, Elisabeth went on to perform mostly classical repertoire at venues including the Berliner Musikinstrumenten-Museum with concert pianist Ronny Kaufhold, St. Michael, Munich, with organist Peter Kofler ("OrgelPLUS"), as well as the Philharmonie Munich (mediated by panflutist Ulrich Herkenhoff, "The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King" soundtrack performances, and “The Sound of Quentin Tarantino”).


The album "Etherial" is the first release of her own music: the new compositions combine melancholic, yearning panflute and cello cantilenas with modern cinematic soundscapes.

Elisabeth’s music invites you to embark on a musical journey, visiting imaginary landscapes, and experiencing joy and solace.