Elisabeth Niggl, originally a classical musician, is moving in a new musical direction.
The album "Etherial" is the first release of her own music: the new compositions combine melancholic, yearning panflute and cello cantilenas with modern cinematic soundscapes.
Elisabeth’s music invites you to embark on a musical journey, visiting imaginary landscapes, and experiencing joy and solace.


"...The artist has a sublime skill of being able to manifest images in the mind’s eye through her presentations on flute, and I for one will be spinning Solitude by Elisabeth Niggl many times over, this is ambient flute at its very best."

Steve Sheppard about "Solitude"



"...Within the space of three minutes, she evokes inspiring images of hope and peace. The song and performance are both deceptively simple, though repeat play allows the listener to peel back layers of the arrangement and discover beautiful new elements each time. Brava!"

Larry Flick about "Horizon"



"...one of the most original and organic flute based presentations I have heard for years, a stylish vibrant song indeed..."

Steve Sheppard about "Inception"



"...The listener is taken on a journey of catharsis and renewal that begins to feel like warmer with repeat plays. Exquisite and essential listening."

Larry Flick about "Persistence"